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AGM Private

Pamper yourself with the one of a kind and exquisite privilege, a collection of exceptional luxury. A hundred years of experience are well spent to discover the finest materials combined with the latest technology, leading to the creation of comfort with King Koil® Private Collection, exclusively in American Giant Mattress®


Every inch of the mattress is well crafted with finest materials, which are finely selected to provide the upmost comfort and support, because we believe that true luxury can only be achieved with the highest quality materials. These materials offer the essence of incomparable comfort and exceptional support to give you the luxury you deserve.

CoolPlush™ Viscotech

This luxurious comfort layer provides the exceptional soft sensation that you have never felt before, helping you to prevent toss and turning, and reach a deep sleep faster. CoolPlush™ Viscotech is also capable of making your mattress cool during the high temperature, and giving you a more comfortable sleep all night long.

Talalay® Latex

Talalay® latex is open cell structure and hypo - allergenic material, inhibiting the growth of dust mites and other micro-organisms and therefore keeps the mattress hygienic and odor free. Due to its open cell structure foam, the air circulation becomes more fluid which also discourages buildup of moisture and heat in the mattress interior.





The Outstanding Support of King Koil® Mattresess

Introducing the Gold Series Coil™, the German Steel coil coated with thermal treated special laye to enhance its durability, bounce, and comfort level. The coil is made to last longer against metal fatique, which also gives better protection against rust and dust, creating a more hygienic sleeping environment.

German Steel

Made from thermal treated German steel with special layer, imported from Germany exclusively for King Koil®.

Long Lasting Coil Lifespan

The thermal treated special layer increases the durability of the coil, giving it a better corrosion protection and long lasting against metal fatigue.

Free Protection

Good coverage against dusty rustic surface, resulting more hygienic sleep environment.

Improved Bounce and Comfort Level

7-Zone Honeycomb

Pocket Coil System


The perfect zoning system for your backbone

The Honeycomb Pocket Coil system, which consists of the Gold Series Coil™, is structured in honeycomb formation. Creating denser and more solid support system, this system allows 20% more springs than the conventional support systems. Structured into 7 zones, each coil will provide adequate support for each specific weight and body shape, resulting more balanced support while giving an extra comfort to your body.  This system is very suitable for side sleepers as well as back sleepers.