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Signature Gold Series

The Signature™ Gold Series is a refinement of the art of mattress making, by uniting the most luxurious materials, the skills of craftmen and the talent of its designers. The result is a masterpice you can see and feel, night after night.

The Soul of the Mattress
Outstanding support


Introducing the Gold Series Coil™, the core behind the outstanding support of the new King Koil® mattress, enhancing the durability of each spring while maintaining optimum support.

German Steel

Made from thermal treated German steel with special layer, imported from Germany exclusively for King Koil®.

Long Lasting Coil Lifespan

The thermal treated special layer increases the durability of the coil, giving it a better corrosion protection andlong lasting against metal fatigue.

Free Protection

Good coverage against dusty rustic surface, resulting more hygienic sleep environment.

Improved Bounce and Comfort Level


7-Zone Honeycomb

Pocket Coil System



Structured in honeycomb formation, the springs are more intact and dense creating more solid support than conventional support system. It allows 20% more springs in the mattress compared to standard coil system, making honeycomb coil system the perfect support feature that will take you to a whole new level of luxurious sleeping experience.

The Honeycomb Pocket Coil System is then structured into 7 zones. Each part of the zoning is precisely calculated with adequate support for each specific weight and body shape, resulting more balanced support for human body. The 7-Zone Honeycomb Pocket Coil System is very suitable for sleepers as well as back sleepers.

Exceptional Materials

Captivated by the beauty of its design and magnified by its astonishing latest technology features, the Signature™ Gold Series™ marks itself as the gallant signature of King Koil®. Finest comfort materials are equipped to fully indulge you in delightful sleeping experience.


King Koil Talalay Latex

Talalay® latex is an open cell structure foam, making air circulation more fluent which discourages build-up of moisture and heat in the mattress interior. Talalay® latex is hypo-allergenic, inhibits the growth of dust mites and other micro-organisms and therefore keeps the mattress hygienic and odor free.


One of the most luxurios fibers in the world, obtained from the exotic Cashmere goat from China and Tibet. Its light weight and cuddling nature is a compliment to your body, providing you with warm and soft sensation to help you reach optimum sleep.


Wool is an excellent humidity level regulator, absorbing humidity without becoming humid itself, and it resists mould. Equipped in our mattresses to maximize comfort level and ensure breathability, wool provides a natural cocooning comfort.

Exclusive Fabrics

Every inch of the mattress surface is upholstered with delicate luxurious velour and premium knit fabric that has beautiful design, providing pleasant and comfortable sleeping surface.