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How will I know when it's time to buy a new mattress?
You may not realize how much support and comfort your sleeping set may have lost. Due to the reason that mattresses’ loss of comfort and support is so gradual, therefore you may not realize that your current sleeping set is not as comfortable as it used to be. Consider replacing your sleeping set when you find difficulty in getting a healthy and restful sleep.
Why would I want a new mattress, when my old mattress seems "good enough"?
En A good night sleep will help you with everyday tensions and pressures; it helps the body ward off illness; reduces your tendencies towards irritability; and it helps you control your emotions. If you sleep well, you will feel refreshed and will perform at your very best. 
A superior sleeping set is truly an investment in your health and well-being. Four, out of five people, shall suffer from lower back pain at some points in their lives. A good mattress supports the back, and allows it to rest and rejuvenate during sleeping. ter text or code snippet...
Why is it important to sleep on the best mattress you can afford?
Enter text or code It's the quality of the construction and components that determines how long your mattress and foundation will last. The best assurance of good performance over many years is to buy the very best quality sleep set you can afford. "Bargain" bedding is no bargain when it comes to getting a good night sleep. For only pennies a night, you can sleep on the best. snippet...
How do I shop for a mattress?
Shop together if two people are sleeping on the same mattress. Wear comfortable clothes, and plan on lying down on the sleeping set, in your usual sleeping position. Stay relax, try to roll around, and lie on your side. With proper edge supports, you won’t be feeling as if you’re rolling off the edge of the bed (Note: Sitting on the edge of the bed is also a proper test to check on your sleeping set). This is the best way to test the comfort and support of the mattress that suits you both. Due to the reason that mattresses and foundations are engineered to work together in pair, therefore we recommend you to buy bedding in sets.
Where should I go to shop for a mattress?
Visit a reputable store where there are many knowledgeable sales people around. This will help you take the ‘mystery’ out of buying a mattress, when you can’t see what is inside. Many stores utilize demonstration materials to explain the many layers of insulation and cushioning materials; the gauge and type of the innerspring coil wires; and the construction of the foundation. The warranty to tell you how long to keep your mattress and foundation. The warranty protects you against products defects not the gradual loss of comfort and support. Keep your warranty and sales receipt in a safe place. If you have a product defect covered under the terms of your warranty, do not hesitate to contact the original retailer where you bought your sleeping set. They will gladly assist you under any questions related to the products, and will help you solving your problem. If your retailer is unavailable, contact the Customer Service Department of PT. King Koil International Indonesia
What should I do with my old mattress?
After you have decided to change your old sleeping set, don’t pass it along to anybody else. If the comfort and support are no longer existed, your set is not good for anyone, not just you. It is important to remember that healthy sleep is a critical part to everyone, especially for children in their developmental years. Growing spines need proper support and correct alignment to develop a healthy posture.