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Exclusive Gold Series

sheer commitment, genuine passion, and latest technologies

For hundreds of years, King Koil® has been crafting luxurious mattresses. With sheer commitment, genuine passion, and latest technologies, King Koil® has crafted and perfected the masterpieces that truly signifies and redefines a luxurious mattress. Experience and discover yourself in nights of endless comfort with this collection, exclusively made for SOGO®.




King Koil® Talalay® Latex

Soft, Hypo-allergenic and Comfortable

Talalay®  Latex is an open cell structure and hypo-allergenic material, inhibiting the growth of dust mites and other micro-orgasnisme and therefore keeps the mattress hygienic and odor free. Due to its open cell structure foam, the air circulation becomes more fluid which also discourages buildup of moisture and heat in the mattress interior.


Luxurious Horse Hair Fiber

Antibacterial for a Healthier Sleeping Envirolment

Known as the hight end upholstery component and sought for its comfort and durability. Horse Hair Fibers has the ability to prevent moisture form building up in the mattress, while also regulating the micro climate inside the mattress, making it the most luxurious and comfortable material to accompany your sleep every night.


Pressure Relief Memory Foam 

A temperature sensitive and pressure-relief form that follows the contour of the individual's body, self-reshaping to its original form, as the body leaves the mattress.






The Most Advanced Coil Ever in a Mattress

Through rigorous researh of human's body and 120 years of mattress making experience, we have engineered the new advanced coil technology for superior body alignment and support.

Presenting our latest and exclusive Auto Response Gold Coil™, strengthen with German thermal Gold Coating technology. It is designed to give the automatic needed response when there is presure on top of the mattress, while still providing the comfort you desire.



The Auto Response Gold Coil™ reacts
according to your body weight by giving
the proper comfort level



Combining the perfect measure of
astonoshing comfort and ideal spine
support, the Auto Response Gold Coil™
is designed to be the new golden
standart of coil technology.


Auto Body-Zoning System™

Pocket Coil System



Structured in honeycomb formation, the springs are more intact and dense creating more solid support than conventional support system. It allows 20% more springs in the mattress compared to standard coil system, making honeycomb coil system the perfect support feature that will take you to a whole new level of indulgence.