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Choosing and Purchasing A Mattress Online and Offline

Choosing and Purchasing A Mattress Online and Offline

Like other products, online shopping for mattresses are drawing consumers at a constantly rapid rate, as they are a click away from your smartphone or laptop. The website said the process “often means a lower price tag, greater convenience, and a better selection...Online shopping even comes with extra perks, like in-home sleep trials, that allow for an easier, low-risk experience.”
But while the above points are valid for those of you who has ever shopped online for mattresses in ecommerce markets such as Amazon overseas or Tokopedia and Lazada in Indonesia, the experience entails much more in terms of pros and cons.

Buying mattresses online

  • More comparisons

When you shop for mattresses online, you are never short of options. “Shopping online allows you to browse every mattress brand with an online store and consider all of their mattress models,” observed
King Koil India agreed, noting that the process is made easier if “you know your mattress size, which mattress suits you, have done your research, and finalized your mattress type.”

  • Extensive options

The virtual nature of online shopping means that you have a nearly infinite number of choices for mattresses to choose from. “In a physical showroom, the number of [mattress] models is inherently limited but online, there are dozens of brands that you can investigate,” said.
“You can bookmark pages and record key information to more easily compare the construction and cost of various mattress models.”

  • Flexibility

As a virtual commerce emporium, online shopping can be tailored according to your circumstances, especially as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic confined you in your home over the past few months.
“Shop on your own schedule,” said “The internet is open 24/7, so you can research and review at your own pace and whenever your schedule allows.” Online purchases of mattresses also include customer-friendly return policies “let you test the mattress over a period of weeks or months,” the website said with the option of returning the item if it is incompatible with your needs.
On the downside, noted that online purchases of mattresses are hampered by the inability to “test how the bed feels before buying,” and “limited one-on-one guidance,” by sales staff and experts, leaving you to do research beforehand.

The pros of buying mattresses offline

  • Trying out the mattress firsthand

Buying firsthand from a showroom might seem old-school, especially with our dependence on online shopping, transportation and food. But checking out mattresses firsthand still has benefits not offered by online shopping.
“Experiencing the [mattress] gives you various benefits, like checking its overall quality [and] stitching,” King Koil India said. “Checking the comfort and support level and overall looks...make one buy the mattress only if they’re sure.” Trying out mattresses for yourself can also help you determine which type of mattress suits you best.

  • Expert help

Most offline showrooms and outlets have in-store experts, among them chiropractors and management, whose product knowledge can help you buy the mattress that suits you best.
“Mattress salespeople have experience working with shoppers to help them find a great bed,” noted “They often have detailed product information from the manufacturer that can help them respond to detailed questions that you may have”.

  • Coverage

The warranty in purchases of mattresses in showrooms or furniture outlets is an indispensable part of buying mattresses offline. “Post-sale protection is one of the best features of buying a mattress since getting any repairs or maintenance tips and warranty surety is easy,” said King Koil India.
The downsides of offline purchases from storerooms include limited choices. “Even in a huge showroom, you’re only seeing a slice of the actual mattresses on the market. To see more options, you may need to go to different stores, which takes more time and energy,” said
The minutes you spend testing a mattress can also be misleading. “You often cannot get a true sense of the comfort and support of a mattress until you’ve spent several hours...using it,” the website added, unlike the trial period that you can get with online mattress purchases


Buying your mattress online or offline is a matter of choice that is determined by habits, preferences, and research. These factors should be considered.
King Koil Indonesia is available at outlets such as Boutiques Sleep & Co or counters at shopping centers or department stores across Indonesia, AGM (American Mattress Giant) nationwide, or authorized dealerships in furniture stores.
And if you choose to shop online, you can go to King Koil’s website at, or our official online store on Lazada, Shopee and Tokopedia. But whichever method you choose, you can be sure that King Koil’s experience and know-how as a premier manufacturer of mattresses and other bedding products will have you covered.