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Do Adjustable Beds Provide Quality Sleep?

Adjustable beds are among the most sought after products in the bedding market, primarily because of their versatility. Sleep Foundation noted that while adjustable beds “can be adjusted for the upper and/or lower body” since their introduction in hospitals to accommodate patients and make them more comfortable, they have gone far since they were readily made available on the mainstream market as a new lifestyle way of sleeping.


The health benefits of adjustable beds

“[Modern adjustable beds] can be adjusted for zero gravity, a position that places the legs higher than the head which can be helpful for people with lower back pain…Chronic snorers can also benefit from using an adjustable bed, as elevating the head can help open the airway, while people with low blood pressure can increase their circulation by lifting the foot of their bed,” the website asserted.

On its part, healthline.com noted that even the slightest adjustments on adjustable beds can make a substantial difference. “Keeping the head of your bed elevated at approximately 7.5 degrees significantly improves obstructive sleep apnea severity, opening up the airway to improve breathing. In addition, sleeping with the head of your bed at a slight angle has been shown…to improve the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux and alleviate heartburn and sleep

disturbance, compared to lying on a flat bed.” Most of all, they asserted that “research shows that sleeping on a medium-firm, adjustable mattress promotes sleep comfort, quality, and spinal alignment.”

Aside from raising the head of the bed, healthline.com pointed out that you can also lower its foot to ease pressure and pain in afflicted parts of your body. These features make them ideal for those with “fibromyalgia or mobility issues…[and] an excellent option for those with sleep apnea or acid reflux.”


Aside from zero gravity, adjustable beds can be adjusted to different positions. These include:

  • The anti-snore position: sleepopolis.com recommended this position for snorers, as “it raises [their] head slightly upward.” While the website noted that it can “promote better breathing,” though they view it as an effective way to relieve snoring, not eliminate it altogether.

  • TV: What’s in a name, you might think? sleepopolis might just have the explanation for this position. “[The TV] position is all about raising the head of the bed so can better watch TV or read,” virtually turning the bed into a recliner.

  • Flat: While adjustable beds can be positioned according to your preference, sleepopolis.com noted that laying flat on your back is still the go-to position for many sleepers. “Most adjustable beds…have a ‘flat’ button that allows you to return to a neutral sleeping position.”

Adjustable beds can be inflated or deflated, making them ideal for various sleeping positions. According to healthline.com, this includes the fetal position where “you lie on your side with your legs curled up…and it can be very effective for reducing back pain and even snoring,” and the similar side position. Other sleeping positions include the stomach position to remedy snoring and sleep apnea, as well as the back position, which “is great for a neutral spine, and it may help relieve hip and knee pain.”


Amenities of adjustable beds

The features of adjustable beds provide comforts and convenience for the heart and mind as well as the body, factors which make them ideal for an unforgettable sleeping experience. These include USB ports and massage options.

While USB ports are a common feature on adjustable beds, sleepopolis.com pointed out that “some [adjustable beds] have more [USB ports] than others. If you sleep with a partner [be] sure to look for a frame that features ports on both sides of the bed.”

The amenities to enable your quality sleep does not end there, as adjustable beds are also equipped with massages. “[The massages] offer multi-speed settings that allow sleepers to experiment with different levels of intensity. And some have massage ‘modes’ so users can localize the vibrations to certain areas of the base,” sleepopolis.com said.

Adjustable beds are particularly suited for you and your partner, as they “might benefit from an adjustable [bed] that allows for adjustability on both sides,” or “split adjustability.” This is a welcome feature, as you can adjust your side of the bed to read, watch TV or browse the internet, even as your partner continues to sleep.

Regardless of which position you choose, healthline.com maintained that the versatility of adjustable beds “puts you in total control of how your mattress feels every time you lie down.”



Adjustable beds are one of the most sought after beds on the market today, due to their health benefits and versatility, as reflected by their ability to be adjusted to the respective needs of you and your partner. Whether your preference is for breakfast in bed, watching TV or reading your emails while charging your gadget while your partner continues to sleep and get a massage, adjustable beds might just be the type of bed you need.

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burn and GERD, while the Feet Up position improves your brain functions and improves blood circulation.
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