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How to Reset Your Sleep Schedule After Traveling

How to Reset Your Sleep Schedule After Traveling

For many of us, sleeping 7-9 hours a day is necessary to keep our minds and body healthy. Unfortunately, there are many conditions and situations that can cause a disruption to your sleep schedule. Traveling is one of the situations that can affect your sleep routines.

Our sleep and wake schedules are two of the things that are regulated by our body's circadian rhythm. This is caused by the hypothalamus in our brain that dictates the sleep-wake cycle. This body clock can be easily affected by external factors such as light. We can easily fall asleep in a dark room and will immediately awaken when exposed to light.

Some of you may experience the degradation of quality sleep after traveling, especially when you travel far with massive time differences. The reason why you experience this is that your body’s circadian rhythm is disrupted which affects how and when your body produces hormones. If this condition is prolonged, it may affect your sleep and daily performance.

We managed to gather a few useful tips that you can do to help you reset your sleep schedule after traveling.

  1. Adjust Your Sleep Schedule Before You Travel

    There are many travelers that use this trick to help ease the traveling effect. If you travel to a place where it’s four or five hours later, you can adjust your sleep by an hour or two later than usual, and wake up the next day an hour or two earlier. Doing these two to three days in advance will reduce the effect of jet lag and sleep disruption.

  2. Hold Your Nap

    Having a nap while traveling is really irresistible. But try not to take a nap and save your sleepiness for later at night at your travel destination. This is necessary to help you fall asleep at the desired time at night.

  3. Move Your Body During The Day

    Try to do exercise when the sun is up and avoid doing exercise at night time. Night exercise will delay your sleep schedule because of the rise of the body temperature and heart rate during exercise.

  4. Be Cautious About Light Exposure

    Let yourself be exposed to the natural light at your travel destination. This will help you awake and reset your body clock. As soon as it’s night, reduce your exposure to light especially light from laptops, mobile phones, and television. These devices emit blue light that sends your body signals that it is not time to sleep yet. If necessary, you can put on your eye mask to sleep.

  5. Watch What You Eat

    Avoid caffeine and alcohol in the afternoon. Avoid spicy food at all cause. These foods will have a direct effect on your sleep schedule especially when you are trying to reset it.

  6. Review Your Sleep Environment

    Did you sleep well lately? Do you feel comfortable in your own bed? If the answer is no, it is time to find a better bed to help you relax and optimize your quality sleep. King Koil product offers you the best sleep experience by facilitating you with the best mattress that you can find for long-term health investment.