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Ramadan: The Best Time to Replace Your Old Mattress

Ramadan: The Best Time to Replace Your Old Mattress

At a glance, changing your mattress and fasting during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan have nothing in common. But closer examination shows that both elements have much in common, namely how they affect the quality of sleep.


The case for changing your mattress highlighted the need to replace your mattress due to its role in ensuring quality sleep and a healthy life.

“Without quality sleep, our bodies are not able to heal and rejuvenate themselves, and our brains struggle to process emotions and store memories,” noted the website. “A new mattress can improve the quality of your sleep, which influences everything from your energy levels to overall health. Some potential benefits of a new mattress include: improved sleep, reduced aches and pains, reduced motion transfer, and reduced allergies/asthma.”

The website backed’s findings.

“Old mattresses and pillows can cause aches and pains, making it difficult to get quality sleep. Generally, experts suggest replacing your mattress every 10 years and pillows every two years,” said the website. “You should also get a new mattress or pillow if you wake up feeling stiff, or if you feel more comfortable sleeping on a bed away from home. The firmness of your mattress and pillows is up to you. But if your mattress is saggy and pillows are lumpy, it’s time for a replacement.” highlighted the benefits of replacing mattresses. These include:

  • Improved sleep

    The website found that “new mattresses significantly improved sleep quality and reduced both back pain and perceived stress” among the study participants. Buyers of new mattresses also reported improving sleep quality after purchasing a new bed.

  • Reduced aches and pains found that “older beds tend to sag in places, which reduces support and makes it less likely that your spine will be properly aligned.” noted that this makes them a possible cause for back, shoulder, hip or neck pain or stiffness.

  • Reduced motion transfer noted that new mattresses reduce motion transfer, bringing about better rest. “Older mattresses tend to transfer more motion from one side of the bed to the other. This means that a partner changing positions in the night can disrupt your sleep,” said.

  • Reduced allergies and asthma

    The study found that “old mattresses accumulate dust mites, mold, bacteria, and other allergens. A small study by the National University of Singapore found that mattresses had the highest concentration of dust mites out of any household item.” The website warned that failure to replace old mattresses can worsen allergies or asthma.


Changing your mattress during Ramadan

For Muslims going through the ritual of fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, the benefits of changing to a new mattress is all the more imperative, due to the item’s capacity to improve sleep quality. A good quality mattress is also key to accommodate the changes in waking hours and eating that the time of year entails.

Like and, Esquire magazine’s Middle East edition added that a good quality mattress will ensure a good night’s sleep and a healthy life that results.

“Prioritizing good sleeping habits during Ramadan is very important in order to maintain a proper balance of overall wellness, while keeping hunger and fatigue at bay during this season will become easier,“ said Esquire Middle East in its website “Maintaining regular sleeping patterns during [Ramadan] is a key step to readjusting to [the] post [Ramadan months].”

“Mattresses are the foundation of good sleep and choosing the right one can make a difference,” the publication said. “A mattress that provides proper support for your back, neck and joints, promoting good alignment, and cushion for pressure points and relief for pain, is what you need to ensure sleep quality.”



Like other times of the year, a high-quality mattress is a key to getting a good night’s sleep needed for a healthy life during the holy month of Ramadan. These include the range of premium mattresses that King Koil offers, such as the Signature Gold, Princess, and Noble line of mattresses.

The mattresses stand out due to the use of state of the art materials, among them the Auto Response Gold Coil. Made with German thermal Gold Coating technology, the coil is designed to automatically react to your body weight with a medium soft upper half and a firm lower half.

Other innovations to ensure quality sleep and healthy life include the Auto Body Zoning System which uses a honeycomb coil structure. The system provides more intact, dense springs that provide more solid support than a conventional support system, due to a 20 percent increase in coils.

The Auto-Response Gold Coil system is augmented by Duratech Fiber coil covers. The covers protect the coils and ensure they last longer, while the strong breathable fiber provides better air circulation to create a fresher, more hygienic air circulation. The Natural Talalay Embrace is designed to maintain hygiene on the mattress by evaporating moisture and absorbing body warmth and conforming to your body shape. On the other hand, Natural Talalay Latex’s open cell structure and hypo-allergenic material inhibit dust mites and other micro-organisms.

King Koil’s mattresses also use the latest technologies such as Vi-Guard technology to reduce viral and microorganisms, as well as a range of fibers such as Wool Climate Fiber, Finest Cashmere Fiber, and Luxurious Horse Hair Fiber for added comfort and hygiene.

But whichever mattress that you choose from King Koil, you can be sure that they will enhance your sleeping experience during Ramadan