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The Science Behind Sleep and Corona Recovery

The Science Behind Sleep and Corona Recovery

Sleep is arguably one of our most indispensable, yet most elusive needs. This is made clear by the ongoing struggle to restore our emotional, mental and physical equilibrium in the face of challenges such as dependency on smartphones and other gadgets, as well as the far-reaching effects of the Covid-19 or coronavirus pandemic.

The effects of Covid-19 on quality sleep is becoming more apparent to scientists who researched the pandemic since it first broke out around the world in 2020. In its website, the British government’s National Health Service or NHS has identified “difficulty sleeping [insomnia]” as one of the symptoms of Covid-19, among them post-Covid-19 syndrome or Long Covid, along with extreme tiredness, shortness of breath, depression and anxiety, as well as a high temperature, cough, headaches, sore throat, and changes to sense of smell or taste. backed the NHS’ findings. “Coronasomnia is a new term coined to refer to sleep challenges related to the pandemic…[and the] wide range of ways that Covid-19 has changed and disrupted sleep patterns. Around 40% of people have experienced sleeping problems, and studies have detected notable increases in insomnia symptoms in adults…children and adolescents,” said the website.

They also noted that Covid-19 disrupted sleep for those people affected by the pandemic, whether they contracted the coronavirus or not.

“A growing number of people describe struggling to initially fall asleep, being bothered by sleep disruptions, having disturbing dreams, and feeling sleepy during the day.” The sleep disruption is attributed to “long-term stress and pandemic fatigue” from continuous waves of Covid-19 outbreaks and their disruptions to daily life, such as social distancing, long-distance learning from school closures and working from home instead of the office.

Sleep’s ability to heal

While Covid-19 might get in the way of attaining sleep and a healthy life, quality slumber is a reliable defense against the coronavirus, according to findings by the University of Chicago Medical Center.

  • Support for your immune system

The university has found links between quality sleep and your body’s ability to defend itself against Covid-19, or recover from the coronavirus if you are recovering from the coronavirus. “Ample sleep supports the immune system, which reduces the risk of infection and can improve outcomes for people fighting a virus,” said the University of Chicago Medical Center in its website “On the other hand, sleep deprivation weakens the body’s defense system and makes people more vulnerable to contracting a virus.” backed these findings. “Solid nightly rest strengthens our body’s defenses, which can help protect against infections. Studies have also found that lack of sleep can make some vaccines less effective.”

  • A remedy for your mind

Researchers have found that quality sleep is hand in glove with healthy mental and cardiovascular systems.

“Sleep heightens our brain functions, and our mind works better when we get good [quality] sleep. A solid night’s rest contributes to complex thinking, learning, memory and decision making,” observed “Sleep [also] improves mental health. Besides anxiety and depression, studies have found that a lack of sleep is linked with mental health conditions like bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder [PTSD].”

The website added that quality sleep can keep you sharp, a vital trait needed to deal with changes ranging from moving to the unpredictability of the Covid-19 outbreak.

  • Improved emotional wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic

The University of Chicago’s Medical Center has found that sleep is just as beneficial to your emotional wellbeing as much as to your physical and mental state, not least during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Sleep enhances mood. Lack of sleep can make a person irritable, drag down their energy level, and cause or worsen feelings of anxiety and depression,” said “”

Researchers have found that quality shuteye can make up for the lack of exercise, social gatherings and other outlets that were restricted due to lockdowns and other policies during the Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia.

“Adequate sleep can maximize your potential for having better days [during the lockdown]. Optimal sleep helps regulate mood, improve brain function, and increase energy and overall productivity during the day,” added the University of Chicago’s Medical Center.

  • Tips for better sleep

While the positive benefits of quality sleep to a healthy life has been scientifically proven, the NHS recommends a number of steps to make the most of your shuteye. These include:

  1. A comfortable bedroom temperature
  2. Making sure your bedroom is dark
  3. Taking time to relax later in the evening
  4. Get ready for bed at the same time each night
  5. Get up at roughly the same time every day
  6. Set aside time during the day to written down any memories you have
  7. Discuss your worries with family and friends if you are able
  8. Keeping a sleep diary to help you work out what (techniques) helps and what doesn’t help you get a good night’s sleep also recommended that you set a fixed waking up time, winding down time, and bedtime to get quality sleep to prevent contracting Covid-19 or to speed up recovery from the coronavirus.



Quality sleep might seem hard to get today, especially amid the uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. But sleep experts maintain that getting a good night’s sleep is worth the effort, due to evidence that it can speed up recovery from Covid-19 or stave off the virus.

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