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Tips To Keep Your Bones Healthy Through Better Sleep

Tips To Keep Your Bones Healthy Through Better Sleep

Sleep is more than just resting. Normally spent up to 8 hours minimum, inappropriate sleep could lead to some problems or even affect your health seriously. Have you ever woken up in the morning but still felt sick and tired somehow? Or even worse, suffering from back pain? Guess you’d better check your quality sleep immediately.

Back pain could cause damage to the spine. According to chiropractic practitioners, one of the causes of spinal damage is an improper sleeping position due to the body not being supported properly. That is why comfort is not enough when it comes to a good mattress. The mattress should be able to support the body decently and keep the spine safe as well.

While we have our beauty sleeping at night, some things inside our bodies are working, including the fixer-upper cells in our bones. It is osteocytes, a special bone cell that regulates the body’s calcium levels and heals fractures. So, the system inside your body may not work properly if your quality sleep is not coming in well.

Losing good quality sleep may reduce your bone health too. A study from the Medical College of Wisconsin stated that chronic sleep loss will disrupt bone development. In addition to intensifying the pain in joints, sleep deprivation will also consume precious calcium and minerals from the bones; shortly, your cortisol levels will increase while you awake. In case you don't know, high cortisol levels can cause both high blood pressure and sugar levels, weight gain, and even depression.

So, what can you do to maintain your quality sleep and keep your bones healthy at once? Here are a few things that you might have missed:

  1. Avoid alcohol. Booze is fun but it will decrease bone mineral density, as well as may halt your bedtime.

  2. No more late-night snacks. Your mouth needs to stop chewing foods at least three hours before bedtime. Food produces blood sugar. Too much blood sugar can wake you up in the middle of the night. Don’t you want to stay lean as well?

  3. Limit your screens. Turn off your computer, television, including phones an hour before sleep. These screens have a blue glow that prevents melatonin secretion and obviously could affect your health.

  4. Take the D. As in vitamin D, you can get it quickly from exposure to the sun. Take some rich vitamin D food such as eggs, saltwater fish, cheese, and milk. You may consult your doctor as well for some supporting supplements if needed.

You may think that you have done things properly for your quality sleep. From getting to sleep earlier, light some scented candles, put on aromatherapy, to sip chamomile tea. Yet the pain is still there. Something is wrong indeed and it is time for you to check the mattress instead. You may consider using a specific mattress for back pain.

Lucky you! King Koil Product has several good mattresses that you can choose from. You can pick Body Response which consists of three types: Masterpiece, Salute, and Natural Response. Even better, it also has the Perfect Contour type that varies to International Classic and Grand Elegance, including the Spinal Contour type that consists of World Edition and Chiropractor Endorsed. What fits you most?


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