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What is Talalay Latex

Latex continues to be the last word in mattresses, due to the materials’ durable, flexible and eco-friendly qualities. Most of all, they are sought after by customers seeking a quality, sleeping experience. Bedding companies, among them King Koil Indonesia, as well as sleep experts are aware about latex’s ability to ensure a good night’s sleep, particularly Talalay latex. King Koil Indonesia is all too aware of Talalay latex’s characteristics, and its ability to provide you with a comfortable sleeping experience.

Manufacturing Talalay latex

Talalay latex is one of the two main categories of latex, the other being Dunlop latex. sleepopolis.com said the product started off as “natural foam, made from a milky substance produced by the hevea-brasilienis rubber tree...This is removed from the tree in a process similar to maple tapping.” The website added that “the substance is foamed to create a myriad of tiny air bubbles, giving it [a] soft and bouncy texture.”

Sleep Foundation agreed, noting that latex, including Talalay latex, is “used in a variety of manufacturing applications, including modern mattresses. Latex mattresses are prized for their durability, superior cooling, and excellent pressure relief.”

In its website sleepfoundation.org, Sleep Foundation added that the basic process to manufacture Talalay latex remains the same, but with a number of improvements over the years, since it was developed in the 1940s. Here is the modern process:

  • Liquid latex extract is mechanically whipped to form a frothy foam
  • The foam is injected into a mold; however, the mold is filled only partially
  • The filled mold is vacuum-sealed, which causes the latex to expand
  • The filled mold is then frozen rapidly, pushing carbon dioxide through the latex
  • The frozen material is baked to set
  • The latex is removed from the mold, washed, and dried

Sleep Foundation pointed out that the Talalay latex manufacturing process “is designed to produce softer, fluffier latex with a more homogenous consistency. The resulting foam is softer and much less dense, which makes it well-suited for comfort layers.”

The healthline.com medical website attributed this to a certain aspect of Talalay latex production, namely that “the tree sap fills a mold only partially, with the rest of it getting filled with air. The result is a “bouncy and pillow-like” mattress.”

sleepopolis.com added that the manufacturing of Talalay latex is designed “to preserve the distribution of the liquid latex mixture within the mold. It’s then heated through a vulcanization process.” They noted that the process also gave Talalay latex “a more uniform consistency.”

Characteristics of Talalay latex

  • Keeping you cool

Experts attributed Talalay latex’s manufacturing process to be behind its comfortable and durable characteristics, among them temperature neutrality and environmental sustainability. “Talalay latex is generally more breathable…as it is less dense, and allows for better airflow. This results in Talalay offering slightly better temperature neutrality in most circumstances,” noted Sleep Foundation. The healthline.com website reiterated Sleep Foundation, as it noted Talalay latex’s breathability and comfort. “Natural latex allows for airflow,” and in doing so keeps you from getting hot in your mattress.

On its part, sleepopolis.com also stood by Talalay latex’s comfortable characteristics. “The density [of Talalay latex] is consistent throughout. The aeration process also produces a softer feeling, [and] bouncier latex…[that is] often seen as a more refined, luxurious latex choice.

  • Environmental Sustainability

Like latex in general, Talalay latex’s manufacturing process made it more durable and gives you an incomparably comfortable sleeping experience as well as feel, but also environmentally friendly. “[Latex, including Talalay latex is] naturally derived from a sustainable source, and it’s more durable than alternatives, offering a lower environmental cost in the long run,” said Sleep Foundation. Latex mattresses, including Talalay latex’s environmentally friendly manufacture, is linked to its longevity, with healthline.com estimating that the mattress has “a life span of about 20 years.” They added that as “a plant-based material, [Talalay and other latex] will break down more quickly…in a landfill.”


Talalay latex is King Koil Indonesia’s material of choice for mattresses, pillows and other bedding products, as its comfortable, durable, long-lasting yet environmentally friendly characteristics. King Koil Indonesia has long recognized the wonders of latex mattresses through its exclusive use of Talalay Latex from the Netherlands. Known for wicking out moisture and maintaining your mattress’ hygiene, Talalay latex is one of the premium & exclusive materials in Indonesia for bed collections like the Princess, Ergopedic, Kids Series and Signature Gold Response Series. But whichever Series you choose from King Koil, you can be sure that our mattresses or products will provide you with an unforgettable sleeping experience.


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